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Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game that has gained immense popularity since its release in 2012. Players can build their villages, train troops, and battle with other players in real-time. If you’re new to the game and wondering how to start a new Clash of Clans iOS account, this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to create a new account, customize your village, and start playing.


Starting a new Clash of Clans game on iOS may seem overwhelming at first, but with the proper steps, it can be straightforward and enjoyable. In this guide, we will discuss the essential tips and tricks that will help you start a new game on iOS and maximize your gaming experience from the beginning. Let’s get started!

Creating a New Account

Step 1: Download the Game

Before you can start playing Clash of Clans, you must first download the game on your iOS device. The game is available for free on the App Store. Simply search for “Clash of Clans” and click on the “Get” button to start the download.

Step 2: Launch the Game

Once you’ve downloaded the game, launch it from your home screen. The game will take a few moments to load, but once it does, you’ll be greeted with the Clash of Clans title screen.

Step 3: Sign Up

To create a new account, you need to sign up for the game. Click on the “Sign Up” button on the title screen to start the process. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. After you’ve entered your details, click on the “Sign Up” button again to complete the process.

Step 4: Customize Your Avatar

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be prompted to customize your avatar. You can choose your gender and appearance, as well as your name. Take your time to create an avatar that you’ll be happy with, as you won’t be able to change it later.

Step 5: Set Up Your Village

After you’ve created your avatar, you’ll be taken to your village. Here, you’ll be prompted to set up your base. Follow the on-screen instructions to place your buildings and defenses. Take your time to plan your layout carefully, as it will determine how well you can defend your village.

Customizing Your Village

One key takeaway from this text is that Clash of Clans is a popular online multiplayer game that requires players to create an account, customize their village, and train troops in order to battle other players. To get started, players need to download the game on their iOS device, sign up, customize their avatar and village, and upgrade their buildings and defenses. Joining a clan can provide support and rewards, while completing achievements can also earn rewards. Players should plan their layouts and upgrades carefully in order to defend their village and attack other players successfully.

Step 1: Upgrade Your Buildings

To improve your village, you need to upgrade your buildings. Click on any building to see its upgrade options. You’ll need resources such as gold and elixir to upgrade your buildings. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new buildings and upgrades.

Step 2: Train Your Troops

To defend your village and attack other players, you need to train your troops. Click on the “Barracks” building to train your troops. You’ll need to spend elixir to train your troops. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new troops and upgrades.

Step 3: Join a Clan

Joining a clan is a great way to get support from other players. Click on the “Clan” button to search for clans. You can join a clan by sending a request to the clan leader. Once you’ve joined a clan, you can participate in clan wars and earn rewards.

Starting to Play

One key takeaway from this guide is that creating a new Clash of Clans iOS account is a simple process that involves downloading the game, signing up for an account, customizing your avatar and village, and then upgrading your buildings and troops. Joining a clan and completing achievements are also important ways to gain support and rewards. It’s important to plan your base layout carefully and upgrade your defenses to protect against attacks from other players. Saving gems for important upgrades and purchases is also a helpful tip.

Step 1: Attack Other Players

Once you’ve set up your village and trained your troops, you’re ready to start attacking other players. Click on the “Attack” button to search for players to attack. You’ll be matched with players of similar skill levels. Choose your troops carefully and plan your attack strategy.

Step 2: Defend Your Village

Defending your village is just as important as attacking other players. Click on the “Defend” button to see your village’s defenses. Make sure you have a good mix of defenses, such as cannons, archer towers, and traps. Upgrade your defenses as soon as you can to keep up with your opponents.

Step 3: Complete Achievements

Completing achievements is a great way to earn rewards and progress through the game. Click on the “Achievements” button to see the list of achievements. You can earn rewards such as gems, gold, and elixir by completing achievements.

Tips and Tricks

  • Save your gems for important upgrades and purchases.
  • Join a clan to get support from other players.
  • Plan your base layout carefully to defend against attacks.
  • Upgrade your troops and defenses as soon as you can.
  • Complete achievements to earn rewards.

FAQs for Starting a New Clash of Clans on iOS

How do I begin a new game of Clash of Clans on iOS?

First, you need to download the Clash of Clans app from the App Store on your iOS device. Once the app is downloaded, launch it and follow the instructions to create your account. You will need to enter your email address and set a password. After that, you will be prompted to create your in-game name and customize your avatar. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can start playing by following the tutorial.

Can I transfer my previous Clash of Clans account to a new iOS device?

Yes, you can transfer your old Clash of Clans account to a new iOS device. To do this, you need to link your account to a Google Play or Game Center account, depending on the platform you previously used. Once you’ve linked your account, install Clash of Clans on your new device and sign in using the same Google Play or Game Center account. You should be able to resume your progress from where you left off.

What should I do in the beginning stages of a new Clash of Clans game on iOS?

In the beginning, you will have limited resources, so it’s important to start building up your base and resources as soon as possible. Focus on upgrading your Town Hall, building resource collectors and storage, and building defensive structures. Also, join a clan as soon as possible to access clan perks and start working together with other players.

How can I progress faster in Clash of Clans on iOS?

To progress faster, it’s important to focus on upgrading your buildings and troops. You can also participate in events and wars to earn rewards and resources. Additionally, make sure to keep your builders busy by constantly upgrading or building new structures. Finally, consider purchasing gems using real money to speed up the process if you are willing to spend money on the game.

Can I play Clash of Clans on iOS without spending money?

Yes, you can play Clash of Clans on iOS without spending a dime. However, keep in mind that progress may be slow without the help of gems. You can earn gems by completing achievements, removing obstacles, or winning them in special events. Joining a clan can also help you earn resources faster and access clan perks that can boost your progress.

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