Clash of Clans Guide: Tips to beat the Builder Base Bonanza Challenge (2023)

The most awaited Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update has arrived, which has also brought some interesting changes. The ongoing May 2023 season, which is the continuation of the previousDark Ages season, will not be having a challenge this week, which is quite a shame, but we do have a special Builder Base challenge. Named the Bonanza Challenge, it will incorporate the most recent additions and will make it easier to grasp the battles in Clash of Clans, which this guide will assist you in clearing the bases.

Introducing the Bonanza Challenge in Clash of Clans

This challenge is not one, but a series of bases with preset troop combinations that take some time to look at. So, the challenge is a keyword here which begins from the Builder Hall Level 2 and will go all the way up to the brand new Builder Hal Level 10. You will have to win one battle by getting at least one star in order to get the next base unlocked.

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The rewards are pretty excellent compared to other challenges and are distributed by the number of stars you accumulate in the battles. You can try beating the bases any number of times you want, and get the maximum stars possible, with the new Bronze and Silver stars system also in consideration, with the lower builder halls not having a 2nd stage.

How to beat the Bonanza Challenge in Clash of Clans

Since the Bonanza Challenge has a series of bases to tackle, we shall go from one Builder Hall to another and explain how to clear each, accumulating a total of 9 bases excluding stages. Since you have plenty of attacking opportunities granted, you can randomly try deploying your troops at each stage to check the traps and hidden buildings like the Tesla and then plan.

Builder Hall 2

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The first challenge is by far the easiest of the lot. Target the corner defenses with the Sneaky Archers, deploy one on each side, so that they can stealthily take down the Cannons. While their ability is about to end, deploy the Raged Barbarians so that the defenses target them. Use your remaining Sneaky Archer as a backup to take out the defenses if they remain.

Builder Hall 3

Another simple base, but you might find it tricky given you have three defenses that can target air. Our first objective is to take out the Firecracker to make way for the Beta Minions. For the same, deploy one Sneaky and give it time for clearing, and from the other side, deploy the Giant to take down the Archer Tower, and Sneaky beside for the cannon.

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The left side has the Hidden Tesla, so trigger it with the Sneaky and once activated, use the ability of the Beta Minions to take the Tesla out. This way, all the defenses targeting air are cleared, and Beta Minions will clear the rest of the base.

Builder Hall 4

Baby Dragon will play a major role here so you need to plan this attack carefully. First thing, there is a Tesla on top, so trigger it using the Boxer followed by the Bomber surrounded by the Sneaky Archers. Once the bomber is close to the Archer Tower, press its ability to clear the walls inline, and you can repeat the ability if you want to once again later on.

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Wait till the Firecracker has been taken down by the ground troops, after which, on the other side of the base, deploy the Baby Dragon and let it do its work on the right. Approaching the Archer Tower, use the ability of the Dragon to take down the only surviving air-targeting defense, after which you can easily clear the rest of the base.

Builder Hall 5

The base is pretty easy given you have the Cannon Cart and its amazing ability to be a mortar, which will help in outranging a few of the defenses on paper. On the left side, deploy the Cart to clear the buildings, and before it falls under the range of the Archer Tower, switch it to Mortar Mode, and once it takes it down, back to Cannon Mode and near the Firecrackers, back to Mortar mode again.

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Near the Builder Hall, deploy the Battle Machine, and near the walls, deploy the Boxer and the Bomber with the latter’s ability activated instantly to clear the walls. Utilizing the ability of the Battle Machine at the final stage would yield better results instead of spamming. The Baby Dragon and the rest will clear the base easily later.

Builder Hall 6

From Builder Hall 6, you will have two stages of attacks. Remember, if your troops survive, they will carry over which is a significant advantage. Start things off with the Battle Machine and the Boxer Giants followed by the Night Witch behind. Use her ability to utilize as many raged bats as possible, and let the Battle Machine clear the center of the base.

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Two Archers on the left for the Hidden Tesla followed by the same on the right. Do not save troops for later even though they carry over because many troops have higher chances of finishing the base quicker and saving for the next stage. Once cleared, move on to the next stage via the cave.

The second stage is pretty much a cakewalk if you have a good number of troops from the previous stage. The night witch comes in pretty handy here, while the Battle Machine helps to clear almost the entire base along with the unchangeable reinforcement troop, that is the Boxer Giant. Use the abilities when needed and you are good to go for a 6-star.

Builder Hall 7

The Drop Ship has been a powerful troop to look out for, and with only two Archer Towers in the first stage, it is easy to clear. Use the Battle Machine on clearing the outside of the base, while deploying the Drop Ships for the Crushers. While the Archer Tower locks on to the Battle Machine, deploy the Minions to clear the rest of the base.

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Follow the same in the next step as well, Battle Machine on one side, especially to take down the Roaster, and Drop Ship followed by the Minions on the right. Use the ability to take out the traps when needed, and actually, doesn’t require much of a work.

Builder Hall 8

Power PEKKA is there as a great tank so you need not worry about this base at all, even though it might look scary. Three PEKKAs, one to each opening followed by the Battle Machine. Taking the Crusher is important, so trigger the Battle Machine ability while it is close to the Crusher. Giants followed and the Barbarians near the Builder Hall to take out the Teslas.

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The second stage is not much of a threat if you have troops carried over. Start from the side of the OTTO Hut, and use the Battle Machine to take down the Firecracker, and behind them the Raged Barbarians. Once the Roaster and Firecracker are down, deploy the Minions around the base and Copter followed on any side of the base for an easy 6-star.

Builder Hall 9

Target the top side of the base with the Battle Machine and the PEKKA, so once they reach the Crusher, use their abilities. Hog Gliders in two separate directions for clearing the defenses and one in the center and the rest from the opposite direction. Well, that will easily do it for the three-star surprisingly.

Clash of Clans Guide: Tips to beat the Builder Base Bonanza Challenge (9)

Troops carried over in the next stage are an advantage once again. Use the Battle Copter on the top of the base to take down the high-damage Double Cannon, Camps, and the Crusher. This almost finishes the tough part of the base. The next part is the Hog Gliders spread out to clear the base and the Coptor’s ability to clear the Zappies.

Builder Hall 10

The final stage might be the toughest one, but there is always a way to pull things in your favor. In the first stage, target two corners with the new Wizard in the Electro Mode to trigger his chain and eliminate the X-bow entirely. Once cleared, Giants, PEKKA, and Battle Machine are deployed in the top center for the Crusher and use the ability to take it out.

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Once they reach closer to the Builder Hall, switch the Wizard ability to Inferno Mode to make them attack faster. After the troops clear the Firecrackers, deploy the Baby Dragon on the left side targeting the Cannons to clear the base.

The second stage is easy as usual, just play your cards right. Deploy the Giant and the Battle Machine to clear the outside base and the archers as support. Once the area is cleared, deploy the Wizards to chain out the defenses inside using the Electro Mode and deploy the Baby Dragon for the Teslas on the right. This is enough as the base will be helped along with the reinforcement troops to finish the challenge.

That’s all for now from our Clash of Clans Bonanza Challenge guide. Time to get the maximum number of stars possible!

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